Wendy Tancock

Wendy Tancock is an award winning graphic designer living in Toronto.

She thinks it’s time to celebrate Canada…. from the province of Saskatchewan; *easiest province to draw* to The Canadian Flag; *hardest flag to draw*.

She’s always on the lookout for new Canadian heroes and retro diners.


LEN is proud to carry many of Wendy’s things from greeting cards, t-shirts, mugs and XL prints of quirky Canadiana.

T-shirt Designs $24.95/each include:

Red Canoe, TTC Streetcar, Plaid Queen, Casey & Finnegan, Bike, Maple Syrup, She Shoots She Scores, Farty Moose…

For Kids: Streetcar Onezies and toddler T-shirts, Kids SM, M, L, XL and Raccoon toddler T-shirts