Soy Harvest Candle Co.

Soy Harvest makes amazing soy wax candles in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Here is their story:
In the summer of 2005, Soy Harvest founder, Sheila Sorochan was shocked to find out that the candles she had been burning for many years were made from petroleum bi-products and felt a need to create her own non-toxic, soy wax candles and share her new found knowledge with her friends and family.
Just in case you didn’t know, soy wax is all natural, clean burning wax that doesn’t throw carcinogens into the air you are breathing in your home; and many other non-soy candles that are on the market use toxic things like zinc and lead wicks.
Sheila began making her own candles in her kitchen that fall and started setting up in craft sales using high quality fragrance oils, soy wax and all cotton wicks.   Her product was introduced into stores in Winnipeg and the desire for this superiour product grew and her kitchen was outgrown.
Fast forward to 2010, Sheila and her current Candle Partner, Bruce Reynoldson were re-introduced through an unfortunate circumstance, and bonded over their love of candles and business.    From a handful of Manitoba retailers to hundreds of boutiques and spas across the county their dream was on its way.
Fast forward to 2016, and their third studio now located in St James at 565 Marjorie, Winnipeg, Bruce and Sheila are loving the creativity of the business and the wonderful people they have met over the years.
Bruce continues to work closely with customers and stockists and Sheila manages production and product.   A great match!
LEN was fortunate enough to meet Bruce and Sheila through another assignment and visiting their Candle Studio and seeing the products and production first-hand, and fell in love with the Timberflame Collection and Tin Man Candle Collections.
We are both very grateful for the support and continued growth of our passion.   A huge thank you to our Soy Harvest production team who has helped us realize our dream of providing a high quality hand poured product.   We are proud Canadians!