Past Exhibitions – Tobi Asmoucha



January 15 – April 12, 2015

Natural Ice Rink – by local photographer Tobi Asmoucha. This beautiful and iconic series of photographs explore and document our relationships with our environment and with winter. Framed 14″ x 19″ pieces are $375, unframed $275, matted 4″ x 6″ (8 ” x 10″ matted) just $60.

Artist Statement

My attraction to natural ice rinks stems from the fleeting nature of these neighbourhood forums, which are created and maintained with much effort.  These ice spaces reflect the people who use them, while also building connections in a neighbourhood.  I am inspired to document the everyday rituals that give meaning and character to a community.


The rinks are a space for spontaneous gatherings, where unscheduled occurrences and connections can happen in small local ways. I’ve witness kindness and connection on the ice, as well as solitary moments of calm with the ice and winter air. To me these rinks reflect a bit of what it means to be Canadian.  As a first generation Canadian I am interested in what things resonate with Canadians, and how new immigrants embrace this.  Natural community ice rinks blend newer and established Canadians, reflecting multi-cultural communities living in the greater Toronto area.

I began photographing outdoor rinks over the past few winters, and it has evolved into an interest with natural rinks created by individuals flooding parks, to the spaces people create in their own backyard.  The images are black and white photographs, printed with archival pigments.  I chose to make this series black and white as it keeps the imagery timeless, with a connection to past images of Canadian winters.   This project started as a need to embrace winter, has left me with an appreciation of the unique ice playfields created by the warmth of people working together.

Tobi Asmoucha