Janet Stein Jewelry

Len has carried Janet’s work from the very beginning of opening a storefront on the Danforth in Toronto. LEN (Christal Pshyk) and Janet go way back, as they were in the same Fine Arts program at the University of Alberta in Edmonton; and were once room mates when they house-sat, what seemed like a mansion, for the Dean of Arts.  Janet has since moved to the Okanagan Valley (Christal’s original stomping grounds) and has a design studio in home on Okanagan Lake. Janet has created collections of jewelry for all kinds of people and has several lines that we carry piece from including: Casual, Classic, Free Spirit, Romantic, Trendsetter, Sentimental, and One-of-a-kind (you can order through LEN, your own special piece of jewelry).

“We have many sides that make us unique and jewelry is a personal expression of these facets. A piece can be worn for special occasions, or can become part of your daily wardrobe. It can mark a significant life event, remind you of a special person, or just be something that speaks to you. My jewelry is made with the intent to bring beauty into a facet of your life and to make you shine. May you enjoy wearing it as much as I love creating it.”

Janet Stein – Designer and metalsmith