Founded in 1939, Duralex has been manufacturing tempered glassware and tabletop products for over 80 years France. Since inventing the glass tempering process, the name Duralex has been associated with toughened glassware, stylish design and ergonomics. Duralex glassware can also been seen in many films throughout the past decades, featuring many generations of cocktails.

The original design is the “Picardie” and is known as the “original French tumbler”. The Picardie glass is functional yet stylish and feels extremely comfortable in the hand. The tempered glasses are equally suitable for cold or hot drinks, conveniently stackable, microwave, freezer and dishwasher-safe, impact and chip resistant, and the perfect weight for new and old hands.

Along with the original Picardie style, LEN also carries: Amalfi, Provence, Bistro, Gigogne and Prisme in a variety of sizes.

Duralex is committed to only producing their products in France -100%!