Bro Bricks & Chick Bricks

LEN discovered BEER, RYE & GINGER, and RUM & COKE hand made soap this summer in Edmonton, and instantly knew that his customers would also appreciate having some!

Currently, we are the only store in Toronto selling the Bro Bricks and would love for you to try some! Bro Bricks are $10.50/bar and Chick Bricks are $8.50/bar.

An Interview with MacKenzie, the creator of the BRO-BRICK:

Tell us a bit about your Bro-Bricks and how you came up with the idea:

I first started with the Commandles (man candles), I have two kids and I wanted something to freshen up the house. All my wife had were these flowery candles. I decided it was time for a more manly scent. So I researched how to make candles and looked online for packaging solutions. The soaps I created as a partner to the ComMANdles, once again, we didn’t have any great smelling soaps around the house. The Bro-Brick was born.

What type of ingredients do you use in your soaps and how are they different from store bought?

I use a blend of olive, sunflower, palm, and coconut oil. Store bought soaps are very generic and don’t offer the same quality as homemade soaps.  Handmade soaps offer a better lather and clean the skin more thoroughly. If you ever use one of my soaps you will instantly feel the difference. I also offer scents that no one else is currently making. One of my favorites is the leather scrub bar.

Do you also offer custom scents?

Of course! Just place a request and I will always do my best to accommodate.

You can even order custom labels and place your own logo on them!